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Sliding Door


Los Angeles homeowners and landlords work with some of the most modern and edgy residential interior designers, or prefer to do their own designing. We help locals open up the metaphorical and literal door to concepts made possible with the use of unique and timeless state-of-the-art glass doors. Become the envy of your friends, colleagues and family with stunning glass doors that improve the use of your space while complementing its design and style. With each option carefully crafted and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, these doors are made to spec, bringing your vision to life in ways you never thought possible in LA apartment, condo, townhouse or home.



Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Doors are durable, safe, sturdy, and easy to use and come in both standard and custom size to fulfil customer’s requirements and needs. With availability of wide range of stunning frame finishes, door patterns and glass types, sliding doors can be manufactured in any size and thickness. Sliding doors are most commonly used in office or commercial buildings while their demands in residential domains particularly for sliding glass patio doors are increasing day by day. Having sliding patio doors not only give your house the modern feel but has other benefits too.


Sliding Door Roller Repair

We prefer, whenever possible, the use of stainless steel rollers, as they provide greater resistance to external agents and consequently greater durability.

There are a multitude of different types of rollers specific to each type of door. For each of them we have a solution. Our technicians carry the type of roller your door requires and once the estimate is approved, they are able to make the repair right away.


Sliding Door Lock Repair

There are also so many other mechanisms that can be used in addition to simply locking your door by placing a stick behind it to lock it, which are just as efficient but in a much more modern way and with a more discreet and functional design. Our technicians will be able to give you the best solution, according to your specific case.


Glass Doors

Beyond Gates Fences & Doors offer high quality and visually appealing glass doors and entrance systems to both residential and commercial clients in LA CA area. We manufacture tailor made entrance doors systems to fulfil client’s requirements at competitive prices.

We design glass doors systems with materials that not only compliment the architectural style of your installation domain but also provide maximum safety during normal or emergency periods.


Sliding Door Track Repair

It is very important to you to know that wrong installation or loosening of the sliding door track may result in its misalignment and improper work of the sliding, therefore, trusting anyone to repair broken things in your sliding door could lead to more damage, your sliding glass doors are sensitive and they require professionals whenever they have a problem and with our experts’ technicians the Installation of the automatic sliding door track systems are simple and fast.


Sliding Door Handle-Repair

There are a multitude of different types of handles, for each of which we have a solution. Most of the time the handle is an accessory part of the lock and its use can be optional, but in some cases, especially in impact doors, the handle is an integral part of the lock and cannot be dissociated from it. In both cases it is extremely important to always use screws of the correct size and thickness, specific to each type of door and always stainless still, which will provide greater durability and stability of the handle.

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