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Slide Gate


Sliding Gate Installation Services

When customers decide to install a security gate, they usually dream up a checklist of what type, color, and finish to choose. Of course these are important decisions when a gate has to blend in with a private residence, or will be the first thing greeting customers outside a business. However, choosing a superior sliding gate operator for a Los Angeles City business security gate is as essential.


For more than a decade, Beyond Gates Fences & Doors has been a leading supplier of security gates for every application. To guarantee the quality and longevity of its gates, the company also supplies and installs state-of-the-art sliding gate operators to its customers in Los Angeles County and all its surrounding boroughs.


Sliding gate operators are most commonly used to maneuver gates protecting LA commercial properties and on gates in front of retail stores, hotels, or other buildings servicing the general public. Most sliding gate operators can be used for single or double operations on Los Angeles  gates and come with a control board.


There are a variety of sizes and models to choose from; therefore, Beyond Gates Fences & Doors specialists make sure customers know to choose an operator best suited to their application. For example, customers might actually need a swing gate operator, which are only used for LA City’s swinging gates. These operators are perfect for swinging driveway gates such as those around a garage or parking area shared by a multi-family housing unit. Each operator comes with a personal control box.


Sliding and swing gate operators for our City applications feature: adjustable speeds, different voltages and phases, fail secure modes for gate operation in case of an AC power failure, integral entrapment sensing systems with digital set points for accurate adjustment and enhanced safety, thermal protection to guard the motor from overheating in case of overload or high-frequency operation, and much more.


While a swing gate operator purchased by Los Angeles CA customers will probably come with Beyond Gates Fences & Doors installation guide, they should only be fitted by a professional. In fact, Beyond Gates Fences & Doors does all its’ own gate and operator installations. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is imperative for an expert to check that the operator is appropriate for the construction and the type of gate installed. Secondly, a gate must be completely level and slide freely all the way before installing the operator. If it does not slide freely, the operator will not perform correctly and the unit’s life span will be greatly shortened. This will also mean customers have to waste money on future replacements.


Thirdly, the gate should be designed so that airflow is ample to prevent wind resistance and drag, which places the operator under unnecessary stress. For this reason, Beyond Gates Fences & Doors always gives customers a free estimate before determining the appropriate operator model to be used. Fourthly, the company places the utmost importance on complete customer service and support – this means from the point of gate and operator purchase through to installation.


Beyond Gates Fences & Doors makes it easy to add sliding gate operators to your checklist before buying a security gate to protect your Los Angeles home or business. Our mission is to provide swing gate operators to our Los Angeles customers that are designed for smooth, secure and reliable operation for years to come!

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