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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

 We a well-known garage door supplier who offers various services. For 10 years, we’ve continuously worked hard to be better, both in terms of products and services.

Our expert builders have years of experience building all kinds of fencing and gates in Los Angles. We take pride in being able to not only help clients build fences but being able to educate them on how to maintain them so it lasts a long time. Regardless if you decide on having us build your next fence project we guarantee that after we visit your project site you will leave knowing exactly what you want and what you need to accomplish it. We leave no stone unturned.

When you hire us for your gate installation, you can be assured that your gate will be customized to your needs from design and build to installation. Your gate will be built not only with the best functionality and security in mind, but it will also be crafted beautifully for your property to enhance curb appeal. Many clients come to us for driveway gates including iron gates, wooden gates, steel gates and other unique gate types. Learn more about what we can do for you or contact us now for your new gate consultation.

Simply put, we are door installation experts. Although there are many types of doors, most installation jobs are either replacing the door only, or replacing the door along with the entire frame(jamb). We do both of the these door installations in the Los Angeles area

During our phone conversation, I will be able to assess whether you need to replace or repair your door, and it helps speed the process when you text or email photos. in most cases, I can quote prices over the phone.  

We fabricating high cycle grille aluminum doors, steel rolling doors, security shutters, folding doors and more since 2010 in Los Angeles.

Heavy duty commercial rolling door for parking garages in apartment complexes or manufacturing and retail facilities provides noise reduction and no visibility. Secure, reliable and long-lasting doors.

Garage door openers are not only convenient they save you time and energy every time you use them, whether you’re a home owner or business owner. But that’s only when they’re working as expected!  When they aren’t, you may find yourself with a garage door, that is slow to open, won’t open or close at all, or impossible to use without manually lifting the door.

Beyond Gates Fences & Doors is a Company of high-quality storefronts installation and remodeling in Los Angeles county California. Our experienced crew pays attention to the smallest detail. As a custom storefront manufacturing specialists, we design and install your storefront without complications. Using the best storefront materials and perfect installation, you don’t have to worry about fading — what you liked about our storefront design is what you’ll like about the finished project.

The beauty of stainless steel cable is that it often reflects its surroundings. We find this to be true in natural and water front settings. Cable railings provide a high end look that can be designed to look natural in landscape settings. Using a product like T316 stainless cable is a good idea on poolside decks with so many traditional pool builds now converting to saline (salt water) .

Selecting the right access control system can be very overwhelming with all the different products and trying to figure out what areas you want to be restricted and what areas we want to be left open. Our company has years of experience making sure we can help you with all of these questions that you might have. Our company knows what products will protect you, how long the system will take to install and we can figure out the best doors to have proximity card/fob reader units installed on to secure an area.

Wheelchair access 

Automatic doors have become a main component of public entrances of all types and are critical to accessibility and awareness planning efforts for those with disabilities. Whether you're looking for public entrance solutions for the small store you own and manage, or for a large office building you're working on in Los Angeles, California, beyond gates, fences and doors can work with you to design and install automatic openings tailored to your project's needs. 

At Beyond Gates Fences & Doors, all of our ironwork is manufactured at our workshop using a combination of age old forging techniques and modern machinery. Our craftsmen's attention to detail is evident in every piece of our work and we ensure that our quality is always consistent. We also design and manufacture the finest hand-crafted iron gates, doors, stairs, railings and balconies.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality powder coating finishes for our Los Angeles customers.

Our spraying booth and curing oven can handle metal objects up to 20′ in length. This allows us to powder coat most household items and commercial parts.

Homeowners typically ask us to powder coat their metal patio furniture, outdoor gates, fences and railings.

At Beyond Gates Fences & Doors we specialize in the manufacturing of custom-made awnings and can create any awning for Residential or Commercial use.  Offering Awnings in any shape, size, color, or style you request.  You’ll find hundreds of colors to choose from and a wealth of information on standard sizes of awnings to help you decide what’s right for you.

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