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Roll Up Door Repair and install


When your Rolling Gate in Los Angeles doesn't open or close, the rolling gate opener is making a noise & the intercom does not work, we at Rolling Gate Repair in LA are there for you. We know everything there is to know about residential rolling gates & commercial rolling gates openers, intercom systems and roll up gate springs of any gate brand. From steel to iron, you can count on our Beyond Gates Fences & Doors team for the best solution for every material, as a wooden gate will have a different need from a steel gate. Repairs, replacements, welding, programming and troubleshooting, after many years in this rolling gate in LA, you can count on us for the best results. If the gate problem is urgent & you cant get your roll up gate open your driveway gate, take advantage of the same day service in Los Angeles, CA. We'll be fast and get your roll up gate up and running again in no time!



Rolling Gate Repair

Whenever a business uses a roll-up gate they will understand it’s a necessity. The installation is the starting place for making sure that it functions properly. The only way to ensure it works correctly and lasts is to have it installed by an experienced technician. Getting a company such as Beyond Gates Fences & Doors is the best way of assuring that a business gets high-quality installation from experienced technicians.


Commercial Coiling Grilles

If you want maximum security in your business premises, commercial coiling grilles are a great way of enhancing that. High-quality commercial coiling grills have multiple business applications, including industrial and retail. Even so, you only have a good experience if you install this hardware properly. Poor installation jobs won’t only jeopardize your security but also downplay your building’s aesthetic appeal.


Emergency Gate Repair

Emergency gate service is something that Los Angeles Garage Doors And Gates provide on a daily base while servicing overhead doors and rolling gates in LA. It can be a stuck garage door in the city, or a broken rolling gate in Santa Monica, with our emergency repairs, no gate in LA will remain broken for long. Since there is no “perfect” timing for a gate to get stuck or to break, you may need the services of a gate expert on different hours. The rolling gate can get stuck in the early morning, exactly when arrived at your store and you want to open the storefront gate, and it can happen at night, when you want to close your store and leave. If you need emergency gate repair in Los Angeles, we are here for you. LA Garage Doors Gates is ready for any task of gate repair, commercial or residential, storefront gate or steel rolling door, we are here for you. With skilled and qualified technicians, who have performed a numerous amount of gate repairs, we can fix your broken gate today


Rolling Gate Install

There are many reasons why it is important to choose the right company. Doing so will ensure they install the roll-up gate correctly using high-quality parts. This is so that the repair will last a long time. In fact, when done right, it is not uncommon for a roll-up door to last a couple of decades. Having the roll-up gate last a long time not only reduces a storefront owner’s frustrations but also saves them money.



Coiling Grilles Repeair

Beyond Gates Fences & Doors is the most trusted company for commercial coiling grilles around Los Angeles. We also serve residents and business owners of The Los Angeles County. We install quality, overhead security structures that require hassle-free maintenance to give back your investment value. The best part? We don’t charge exorbitant rates for our jobs. We believe in integrity and fair pricing.



Safe Use of a Gate

you might be using the same storefront gate for years, and damaged gates can be dangerous. And using a broken gate, or improper use of an industrial gate can end with accidents, damage to property, and with a bigger harm to the gate itself. If so the repair will take for a longer time, and will cost you a lot more. The smartest thing to do in case your gate or your roll up gate is stuck, trapped, or if the gate isn’t operating efficiently, is to communicate with a local gate technician in LA that have the expertise to deal with the heavy duty gates. To clearly explain we will say it once again: Only a knowledgeable technician should deal with a broken gate. Broken industrial gate is not the place for try and error. Since making a mistake here can end with accidents. And since we offer emergency gate repair in Los Angeles, CA, we can be at your store within an hour, and repair the broken gate for you.

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