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Pool Enclosures


Pool Fence Installation

A pool is the perfect backyard accessory for your home and a great way to enjoy the warm weather months in Los Angeles. Keep in mind that there are safety issues to address when it comes to owning a pool, especially if you have young children or pets. Protect your little ones from trouble with a pool fence from American Fence. 


We can help you choose the perfect fence to keep your pool safe from accidents, while giving you the look you want. We have pool fences of many different styles to choose from. We can also provide the privacy you’re looking for when spending time in your pool. Our team would be happy to talk to you and discuss what you have in mind for your pool fence. 

Whether you want a pool fence because of aesthetics or to keep your children and pets safe when you’re not in eyeshot, put your faith in Beyond Gates Fences & Doors to do the job right. We install pool fences across all Los Angeles. Call us today for a quote on a pool fence and find out how we can set up the perfect solution to surround your pool area.

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