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Entry Door


Beyond Gates Fences & Doors is here to make your life easier. Our services of providing Los Angeles with the most efficient working doors and amazing styles will make any space more attractive. We are always staying on top of the latest technology in safety. Our goal is to make the most appealing entrance ways for your home or business. This way people entering will be amazed with you before they even step foot in your door.


Let our expert technicians explain the various types of commercial doors, including hinged doors, sliding doors, wardrobe doors, bi-folds and room dividers that we offer and how each can best fit your interest.


Some of the recent advancements in door technology are the space age glasses. You have probably seen examples in this such as Pyrex or automotive windshields. However, we are able to make much larger panels that are well-suited for sliding glass doors. When an object strikes the glass door, the glass does shatter. Instead, invisible fibers bind the fragments and retain the fracture as one piece. If for some reason, any small shards fall off, they are not jagged edges that can puncture the human skin. On a microscoping level they are cube shaped and bounce right off.



Residential Wood Door 

Check out our fine selection of wooden doors for any home. We can custom build you the exact unit you want from the specs of your home. We offer the residential door repair services in LA, can also repair vintage doors you bought abroad and bring the front of your home to a new level of style. We have several fine economic wood doors that can go into any housing unit and offer the maximum protection at the lowest price.


Apartment Entrance Door

Apartment Entrance Beyond Gates Fences & Doors offers 24/7 emergency service for apartment door repairs in Los Angeles. Whatever type of material your door is made of including wood doors, glass doors, aluminum doors, or any other type, we have the tools and know-how to get the job done right, the first time, every time.



Fiberglass Doors

From traditional, to modern styles, there is definitely a door that fits your project needs and budget! Your entry door plays an enormous part in any building’s curb appeal and is also vital to protecting the interior from drafts or leaks, so we understand that your product choice is an important decision. Customer satisfaction is our top priority here, so do not hesitate to come to us with your questions or ideas!



A door that slams can often create an unpleasant noise. If you want to avoid experiencing your door hitting time and again, you should install a door closer. These are mechanical stoppers which stop the door from slamming shut and in turn do not end up causing any door damage whatsoever. A damaged door can be super annoying at times, but when you install a door closer, you can avoid such situations permanently.


Door Closer Replacement

If your door closer stops functioning properly, it can lead to different problems such as energy loss, doors not closing properly, or doors not closing at all. If you are experiencing any of these issues at your residence or workplace, then it’s about time to hire our professionals for door closer replacement in Los Angeles. We have a wide range of door closer options just for you.



Door Replacement 

ur unique process and high-tech system allows us to replace all of the doors in a home in only a few hours with no messy construction in what typically can take handymen and contractors 1-2 weeks to complete.

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