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Electric Roll Up Door


To open steel rolling gate which is not automated using the chain or a manual open steel door can be a nightmare. We are get the most calls for automated rolling doors installation and repairs. And the reason is that using the steel chain to open up or close as rollup door can become impossible. Some people mistakenly assume that it is better to install the rolling door, and in the future to add the electric motor. Although that in some cases they might be right, it is not always like that. The installation of automated roll down gate is different than the installation of non-motorized one, which will be operated manually. If the gate will be motorized, the spring we will use on a push-to-open roll down gate might be different from the sprung we will be using for a rolling door in Los Angeles which will be motorized in the future. Also in terms of costs. Installing the motor at the same time as installing the rollup door itself will cost less than to do the motor installation in 2 steps.



 rollup door motor install

Each rolling steel door in Los Angeles require different type of motor. No one will expect a central opener for a push-to-open roll down door which is being used once or twice, to fit a warehouse rolling door in West LA which is being used 50 times a day or more. The motor simply won’t last for long. Each gate require a different motor, and a qualified rollup doors installer in LA should be able to determine which one is the best operator for a specific steel door. The size of the rolling door, make the difference between the different motors. Before installing new operator for a rolling gate in Los Angeles.




High speed doors are designed for specialty applications that require doors to go up and down really fast, most often to keep things in or out. While they are one of the most expensive types of doors, when you need a high-speed door for your specific circumstance they are invaluable. High-speed doors easily pay for themselves over the course of their life, which is usually many years. It is not unheard of for these doors to go up and down more than a million times in their lifetime.


Rollup Door Operator Repair

It can be a Pro-Master gate operator in LA, or a home Liftmaster rollup door opener near Beverly Hills. Our rollup doors techs can deal with any type of rollup door opener near West Hollywood. But before we begin, there is one thing need to be clear: Not every rolling door operator can or should be fixed. Many times – especially when it is a very old motor - replacing the unit completely and install a new roll up operator will be the wisest decision. Many store owners in Glendale, CA tend to assume that fixing the existing operator is always the cheapest option. So we would like to tell you something we learned of years of servicing commercial rolling steel doors in Los Angeles County: repairing the operator isn’t always the cheapest option. A rollup door operator which damaged in a way that damaged the way it operate will never be as strong as it used to be. 

There are opener’s issues that can be repaired, and should be repaired, and completely replacing the operator will be a waste of money. And there are serviced that should not be made, since the operator will not last for long. If we think that repairing the automated rolling door will not be the best service, and the motor will need to be replaced, we will not repair the motor. We do not want to repair a motor that will stop working again in few months. Beyond Gates Fences & Doors built a reputation in Torrance, CA, and we will not something that will put that reputation at risk.



Do you want to maintain safety in your facility? Besides taking advantage of our overhead garage doors, we urge you to check out the commercial electronic operators that we offer. Our main goal is to make sure that your facility is safe and the roller doors that we offer are at 100 percent. If you have any issues with your commercial garage door, then we urge you to contact us or reach out to our emergency services that are open 24/7. We’re prepared to help you create a safe environment in your facility whether that means scheduled maintenance or helping you find the best commercial garage door.

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