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Access Control

From controlling a single door to all of the doors in a high-rise building, Warman Security can design the system that will meet your security needs. A wide variety of products can be integrated to create the right system for you: proximity tags, photo I.D. cards, digital keypads, as well as biometric scanners can be used with a high-tech access-control system from Warman Security. Ask your access-control specialists.

We install access control systems across Los Angeles County, ranging from a small entry door controller to a complicated package that monitors as well as controls certain areas or provide monitored access on a temporary basis.


If you need multi-site access management from a single central monitoring station that controls gates, doors, and CCTV then our technicians can also link it.


Site Assessment

Our professionals will conduct a detailed site inspection as well as design, starting with a basic floor plan schematic and then addressing your fundamental security needs and issues.


Access Control System Installation

Door access control cards are simple and inexpensive to distribute to employees and others, such as contractors, to allow them entry to your premises while also allowing you to restrict where they can go and how long they may stay. 


Remote Workstations

For your access control system installation, we’ll use the user-friendly access control software and interface to connect, configure, and optimize remote workstations.

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