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We design, fabricate and install

custom gates, fences & doors 

Our fences are reliable and durable

Our history in the custom design, fabrication, and installation of residential and commercial gates and fencing began in 2009 and in this time, we’ve gotten to know the terrain like the back of our hand.


While LA has some challenging environments, one issue that’s common in LA is the hilly terrain. In many cases, this even prevents other companies from being able to install on certain properties. This is where BEYOND Gates, Fences & Doors excels. We’re experts in installing gates in challenging environments such as hilly terrains. In fact, this is where our name came from- The hilly terrain on Mulholland Drive.


We’re the only real manufacturing company in California that produces gates. And, chances are, you’ve seen our products before because we ship to other gate companies who really understand the value in our products.


From the beginning through to just a couple years ago, in regards to gates and fencing, we would only fabricate in wood, iron, stainless steel, and glass. These were very popular. Ultimately, we provided thousands of people with our gates and fencing.

About Us

BEYOND Gates, Fences & Doors is a reliable fence, gate & doors installation company. We offer all types of fencing for private and commercial territories. Our team of experienced professionals carefully completes each project to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Now you don't have to worry about how to build a gated fence. Contact our specialists, and we will promptly perform our work.


BEYOND Gates, Fences & Doors has been successful for over 10 years because we’ve always had our customers’ priorities in mind: safety, privacy, and beauty. This is why we’re confident in telling you that we offers you the best price value while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

 As the years have gone by, there’s been another desired priority added to the list: durability and low maintenance requirements.


The quality of the materials is high, so our gates do not rust and are resistant to any damage. We have aluminum types with glass inserts; we coat this with a special agent to increase its strength.

All our clients are satisfied with our work, and we try to meet the high requirements of our customers. You can choose products from the catalog or share your ideas. If you need railings, pergolas, or a gate for privacy fence, then you are welcome.

Our Mission

Impeccable design, classic style, and quality

We want our fences to match your landscape, so we offer stylish modern designs. Each project is our group's attentive and responsible work, but we are happy to cope with any task.


You do not have to wait for the installation of the fence for a long time and constantly monitor the process. Our team has extensive experience, own materials, and tools to ensure that the installation takes place with minimal inconvenience for the customer. If you want a metal gate for fence, you will get it in a couple of days.


We guarantee the quality of every construction and all fasteners because your safety is very important to us. Our products do not require special maintenance; the material of gates & fences does not lose color and does not peel or deform.

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